Polyurethane Tire

How good is the Polyurethane Tire?

  • We are the first pioneer in manufacturing and distributing solid tires in Thailand.
  • We have a professional team who are willing to give you technical advice and how to choose the most suitable product for your operation.
  • We have a highly experienced service team and standardized tools.
  • Our One-Stop Service is comprehensive in all aspects.
  • Our products have received international standards. We guarantee the quality by exporting to more than 30 countries worldwide.

Premium Performance

This tire uses polyurethane attached to a steel rim for electric forklift trucks (Reach Truck) both standing and sitting. It is suitable for use in warehouses. This tire is torque resistant and lasts a long time. It consists of:


Use high quality steel to support the load.


It's activated design for the adhesion of PU to the steel base.


  • Low heat accumulation to prolong tire life.
  • Can be supportive 2 times more load than normal tires.
  • Provide a shock-absorption and long lasting (2 - 3 times compared to normal tires).
  • Leave no marks on the working area

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