Why TOKAI Solid Tire?

We are the national leader in providing excellent quality solid tires and rubber tracks according to international standards. Our products cover all models and sizes to satisfy all your requirements as much as possible.

Our expert team who has over 30 years of experience is available to provide advice on choosing products to enhance your problem-solving and develop your products continuously. Our team is ready to serve you with our standardized tire changer. We cover all types of tire service in a full range.

All products are guaranteed according to international standards. You can be definitely assured when selecting our products.

After-sales services

  • Provide advice on selecting the most appropriate product for your application.
  • Change and install tires by our expert team with over 20 years of experience.
  • Check and change the tire as soon as you require.
  • Develop a special tire formula to suit your application.

Our awards