Solid Tire

Why should you select our solid tires?

  • Economical.
  • Tear resistant with no FLAT.
  • Longer lifespan than general pneumatic tires.
  • Safe to drive continuously.

What is the difference between solid tires and pneumatic tires?


Types of solid tire

Solid Resilient tires
(Solid Tire Pneumatic shape)

It is a solid tire for forklift both combustion and electric systems. This tire is strong, durable and smooth driving.

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Skid Steer tire

Skid Steer tire is built to versatility and durability for construction equipment. The tread is designed to be strong with rough and jagged ground debris and self-cleaning. such as construction. The tread is wide and doesn't get stuck easily.

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This tire consists of a steel rim with vulcanized-on good quality Polyurethane for use in warehouses. This tire is torque resistant and lasts a long time.

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Scissor lift tire
(Aerial wheel)

It is an ideal tire for scissor lifts or aerial working platforms. It is capable of ensuring high operation and maximum safety.

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Press on tire

Our Press-On tire is permanently bonded rubber to steel based for heavy, durable, and smooth traction. This tire is strong, durable, highly flexible and great road holding

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